This is a picture of the words "Love one another" written with sidewalk chalk.


Healing/Deliverance/Salvation Testimony

I went out with the ministry called AOK-Acts of Kindness led by my friend Nina L Ward. Twice a month she goes downtown and serves breakfast and coffee and whatever other goodies are donated and she gives to the homeless there. Sometimes I have the privilege to go with them to pray with the people. This is a picture of one of the many people that were prayed for on Friday. This is Jamiilla. I began to prophesy over Jamilla (which means I called out the gold in her. I was speaking over her how God sees her) and something cool started to happen. She began to cry and actually remember who she REALLY is. We talked about many things and she shared how she loves to praise Jesus! Her favorite song is “I surrender all.” She also shared of a recent diagnosis that has no cure and a surgery she went through that was very painful. So I shared that I believe God was going to heal her completely of that disease and it was going to leave her body. So as we prayed she began to cry and encounter the Father’s love. She asked to be set free from anger so we commanded that spirit to leave as she repented and asked Holy Spirit to fill her. She almost fell out under the power of the Holy Spirit right there on the sidewalk haha. As we said goodbye she said she was going to get in touch with her family that had been reaching out to her! Thank you Jesus! Please continue to pray for Jamilla

Picture of two women standing together.

Healing and Encouragement Testimony

Joleen and I were meeting downtown to have brunch but our restaurant wasn’t opening for another half an hour. So we decided to walk around and love some people. The first guy we stopped for, Joleen approached and shared that God highlighted him and asked if she could encourage him. He agreed and she basically prophesied over him. When she was done he asked if she always does this? She responded yes. He said “This is so cool I like that! People need to be encouraged. Thank you! The next guy we approached was an older gentleman in a wheel chair, Frank. He had pain and was waiting for surgery on his knee. He said he doesn’t have a knee cap. We asked if we could and he said yes! We prayed and had him try it out. He began to get up and move his leg around and just didn’t respond for quite a while, it was as if he couldn’t process what was happening. We asked, Frank what’s happening? What do you feel? He said it feels better but he was still in a stupor if you will. He sat down in his wheelchair and asked what church we are from. Haha, people always ask that after God starts touching them. It was precious. We know God loves him and that what he was feeling was His love and His presence. Then we blessed him and left.

Picture of women praying

Word of Knowledge/Healing Testimony

Today I went to both services at JC Sacramento because we had a guest speaker who was doing a two part sermon, teaching and activating the community on words of knowledge. After the first service this morning I came home and as I was cleaning and doing laundry (because that’s what happens after you travel) I suddently began to have what I call sickening anticipation. Sickening anticipation is a word of knowledge God has given me several times before and it’s not fun. I would liken the feeling to the night before an important test or presentation…feeling so nervous you cannot eat or sleep, you simply feel unwell and nauseousness. I had worship music on in the background this whole time and at first I didn’t clue in on the word of knowledge. I t wasn’t until I started to ponder how in the world was I suddenly feeling so unwell that I recognized the sensation for what it was! I quickly began praying in the spirit and worshiping, trying to figure out how this word pertained to my life or the lives of those I have been praying for but somehow it didn’t fit with any of the situations that came to mine. I didn’t have any other words to go off of, I just knew God had something to show me! After about an hour of prayer I felt better but still needed to see who that was for. Thankfully, I didn’t have long to wait. During the service when we were activated in words of knowledge, I clearly saw that there was some sort of heart injury, in my mind I thought I heard torn aorta…of course, I felt that could not make sense because if you have a torn aorta…you’re dead! Ha, but when it came time to pray I headed down to the front and found a woman who had stood for prayer…When I asked what she needed prayer for, she brokenly whispered that she was standiing because she and her husband had been struggling with infertility for over a year! And suddenly everything make sense! The torn “broken” heart, the anticipation/dread. And of course, once I started praying for her I definitely got more words for her. It was crazy as she sobbed on my shoulder and I just hugged fher. What a night! I’m just so overwhelmed again by how much our Father loves eah of us and he knows EXACTLY what we need. What a good dad! I got the woman’s contact information and I cannot wait to see what God does in her life this next year!- Rachel Colton

Picture of a young woman on the ground with children.

Words of Knowledge/Encouragement

My husband and I went out for lunch at a resaurant we hadn’t been to in a few years. The server who was going to serve us looked really familiar. So I asked her name, but I still couldn’t make the connection, so I asked her if I looked familiar?She thought I did too but we figured it was maybe from another restaurant she served at. As she walked away I really felt like she looked familiar more because the Lord was highlighting her and wanted to encourage her. So I asked Holy Spirit what do you have for her? I immediately had a picture of a boy and had the feeling she was concerned for him and that he was probably her son. So when she came back to the table I told her I am always trying to hear God’s voice better and I feel like He wants to encourage you, is that OK? She said sure! I asked if she had a son?She said “I have two.” I asked if one was 11 yrs. old (he looked 11 to me) and wshe said “no, they are 13 and 15” I responded by telling her that I have two boys that are the same ages, (so we connected on that for a moment.) I said are you concerned about one of them and she said “yes, both of them.” I told her, ok well I feel like the Lord is saying you are a great mom! You are a super hard worker and your boys see it and are noticing and learning from you.Even when you feel like they aren’t getting it and are concerned how they are growing up wondering if they are learning good. They are! They notice and they are hearing you even when you think they aren’t. There was more encouragement along those lines but I can’t remember the exact words. She started crying and said, “That was really cool!” I have never had that happen before. Can I shake your hand?” It was precious to see a hard working mom encouraged and feel loved by the Father!

This is a picture of a Hope City Supernatural Training first year student hugging someone during an outreach in Stockton, Ca.

Knee healed after stepping in the circle....

Our family was all celebrating together at our house on Easter Sunday. While we were all hanging out I happened to find some chalk, so I turned to my you;nger brother Joey (12) and I said, “Lets go draw with some chalk outside.” Once we got outside Joey asked, “What should we draw?” I emmediately was reminded of a story I heard from the book TNT by Kevin Dedmond. The story is about a young man who wanted to take more risks for God. This young man took some chalk out and drew a square on the sidewalk. As people walked by he told them that Jesus would heal them if they stepped into the square because we serve a creative God! So, I told Joey this story and he said, “Oh! Let’s do it!” So, I told him to ask Holy Spirit what color we should use. I felt like we should use blue. I asked him and he said, “blue!”, and I told him I felt the same. He said, “Oh! this is going to work!” He then drew a circle on the cement in our backyard. I felt like God was going to heal knee pain. I went inside and asked my family members if anyone had pain in their knee. My Grandma said, “oh, I do! I’m going to need knee surgery for it!” So I brought her outside and I told her that when she steps into the circle the pain is going to leave and Jesus is going to heal her. She had a 7 out of 10 pain level. As she stepped into the circle she began bending her knee and moving it all around. She said, “Candace, the pain is going down!!” She continued to move her leg and put pressure on her knee, she started laughing and said “Candace, Joey! What did you do to this circle? The pain is gone!”

This is a picture of a circle drawn on the sidewalk with a piece of blue chalk in the middle.

Bread of life...

We were doing our bread outreach and one of our regulars who is homeless came up on his bike. We greeted him and asked if we could get him some bread..He said, “no, I need prayer.” We always like that request. So as we prayed, the lord began to give us words of knowledge for him and that his relationships would be restored. This guy started to weep as the Presence of God encountered him and he began to forgive people who have wronged him and he prayed to forgive himself and received the Lord. Jesus set him free and he left with such hope and joy. Cmon Jesus!

This is a picture of a group of people sitting in front of an apartment building taken during a Hope City Stockton Supernatural Lifestyle Training outreach.

Wrist healed and Joy restored....

We were working our school of ministry booth at an event and a couple came up for information. God immediately highlighted a lady who was also with them but she was standing further back. She looked depressed and I noticed she was wearing a wrist brace. We asked the couple if they needed prayer and they agreed so when we were done we asked their friend if we could pray for her. We asked what was going on with her wrist and she shared about her injury and shared what her pain level was at. We declared new nerves, and commanded all pain to leave. So we prayed and when we were done we asked her to test it out so she took her wrist brace off. She was crying with joy, thanking and praising Jesus! All pain was gone and she waked away carrying her brace. One of our team saw her later and said she was laughing and carrying several bags. Her whole countenance was changed.

Picture of three people praying.