Hope City Supernatural Lifestyle Training

Classes are designed for training up leaders both young and old to influence society and transform the culture around them.

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Each year we see students transformed as they come into their true identity as sons and daughters.

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All of our classes are held in the evening to accommodate those whose schedules don't permit full time or daytime classes.

You will be equipped and actvated to flow in the supernatural and understand revival culture.

Meet our instructors

Dan Smith and Debbie Smith are the founders and Instructors for Hope City Supernatural Lifestyle Training

Dan and Debbie have been married since 1991 and have 3 children. They  lived in Stockton for 20 years and now live in Lodi. They met and both graduated from World Evangelism Bible College in Baton Rouge, LA. Dan also has a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Church of God Theological Seminary. Since graduating in 1991 they have pioneered several outreach ministries in Stockton which includes Helping Hands as well as in the Bay Area. Dan worked for twenty years as a Vocational Instructor for California State Prison – Solano, but is now in ministry full time. Debbie is an Instructor for California State University – Stanislaus Wellness Works Program.

Revival Cultures

Family and Identity

 Week 1

In Family – You belong 1st so you can become and then you believe and behave. In religion we have to behave 1st so we can become somebody so we can finally feel like we belong.

In this revival culture you will be learning in a Kingdom Family environment. You will be healed in your soul, where religion has hurt or given wrong mindsets. You will be transformed by experiencing belonging, so you can become who He created you to be and you will behave like a beloved son and daughter.

Identity – You will learn to walk as confident royal sons and daughters and all that carries. You will finally live who you were created to be. With a full understanding that your identity is not based on performance, achievement or failure but solely on being Gods beloved son or daughter.

Goodness of God (Hope and Joy)

 Week 2

You will learn that every area of your life can overflow with hope and joy because God is good in every situation.


Weeks 3 & 4

Sozo is a Greek word used more than 100 times in the NT and it means to be saved, healed and delivered. You will learn how to live in the freedom Christ demonstrated by identifying and eradicating lies or demonic attachments and replace them with Gods truth.

Hosting His Presence and Releasing the Supernatural

Weeks 5 & 6

You will journey on a quest to Host Gods presence daily and you will learn it does not begin with formulas or principles. It starts with an increasing awareness of Who lives within you and partnering with Him. This quest is about developing deeper intimacy with a Person. Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Culture of Honor and Keeping your Love on

Week 7

When we will learn to value and honor who other people are and what they carry, we will maximize our own potential. Honor is one expression of what love looks like. In keeping our love on we will learn to thrive in all our relationships (marriage, parents, children, siblings, friendships, workplace) We will learn healthy boundaries, powerful communication and more.

Gifts of the Spirit (Prophecy, words of knowledge, healing, faith, discerning of spirits, miracles, tongues and interpretation of tongues and words of wisdom)

 Weeks 8 and 9

We have access to all of these gifts, you will learn about what they look like, how they operate and you will be activated in all the gifts of the spirit.


Week 10

We believe that every believer regardless of age or personality type is called to bring heaven to earth. With some basic training this supernatural lifestyle can become very normal and natural. You will be activated to cross your chicken line, step out in love and be equipped to preach the gospel wherever you are called. (marketplace)



Every class we have activations – this is hands on “Do what you learned” assignment. We will also have similar homework assignments. Every week we will share testimonies from these assignments.


You will have a homework activation assignment each week as well.


We will offer monthly outreaches for you to participate in, they will be listed on the monthly calendar. (Treasure Hunts, Prayer Walks, Paint nights, etc)


We will end our year with a missions trip. Where and when is to be determines (Usually in July). These trips are usually two weeks in length. This is not mandatory but STRONGLY encouraged. You will never regret going.

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To register for Hope City Supernatural Lifestyle Training please send an email to hopecitystockton@gmail.com and let us know you are interested in attending HCSSLT.